A Photo Fun Booth the Perfect Touch For Your Next Corporate Event

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If you’re planning a celebration for your organization, you’ve got two pretty clear choices. You can plan an office party, or you can plan a corporate event. What’s the difference? Two words; glitz and glamour. With the help of Party People DJ and Lighting ‐ a professional corporate event services business serving Southern Michigan, Northwest Indiana, Eastern Illinois, and Chicagoland ‐ you can show your employees and / or stakeholders exactly how much they mean to your organization by throwing an event they won’t soon forget.

You can’t have a successful celebration, at least not one that your guests will want to remember, without two basic staples ‐ music and lighting. At Party People DJ and Lighting, we’ve built a name for ourselves by expertly providing these two staples to our clients, but we’ve since added another event staple which has helped us make our private events even more memorable and spectacular. That staple is Photo Fun, and it’s now one of the most popular corporate event services that we offer.

With Photo Fun, you give your guest attendees something to do when they want to have fun but also want to take a break from dancing. They’ll even walk away with a souvenir that they can admire (or try to hide) forever. Photo Fun photo booths are always a big hit with attendees but an even bigger hit with event hosts. Event hosts love that the machine is light and portable enough to be set up just about anywhere, and the fact that it’s completely automated. All your guests have to do is enter the booth, push a button, and strike a pose. After a few seconds, they have a 2” x 6” souvenir photo set hot‐off‐the‐presses. Our team will even deliver, install, and remove each Photo Fun booth so you can spend your valuable time getting other event items just right. Photo Fun is just one of the corporate event services that we offer. With our triple threat offering of DJ, lighting, and Photo Fun, our suite of corporate event services is sure to turn your event into the yardstick against which all future corporate events will be measured. From fast and colorful light shows to classy static columns and monograms, set the tone for the whole night with an expertly assembled lighting display. An expert DJ controlling the soundtrack will also keep the pace and help keep the energy up all night long. We offer multiple packages for easy pricing, but you can also get in touch with us for a custom quote.

With several years of experience planning special events for a wide range of clients, Party People DJ and Lighting is confident that we offer just the corporate event services you need to throw the party you want. We can also provide you with referrals if you need help planning any other aspects of your event, like catering, limo drivers, photographers and much more. Learn more about the benefits of working with Party People DJ and Lighting, and about all of the corporate event services that we offer, visit us online at PartyPeopleDJandLighting.com.

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